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About the company

Mission of the company

Euro Globtrade contributes to the modernisation of the agricultural activity. By offering the most quality and technically perfect machinery, the company strives to facilitate work for farmers as much as possible, and to extend the scope and the quality of products of their activity, as well as to protect the environment. In such a manner, it increases the competitiveness, the growth, as well as the development of Slovenian agricultural activity.

Vision of the company

The main vision of the company is to become one of the leading Slovenian businesses in the field of agricultural mehanisation, recognizable by the service quality, friendly staff and by satisfied customers. We are trying to provide our staff with safe and profitable employment in young and stimulative environment, which stimulates business attitude, innovations and team work.

Euro Globtrade, with the registered office in 49 Voklo, is a company engaged in selling agricultural mehanisation. It was founded in 1991 by Ciril Globočnik. Since then, it has developed a firm partnership with suppliers from other EU Member States (Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands). As far as Slovenian and Croatian markets are concerned, the company operates as the representative of their trademarks, or as the representative of their sales programme.

In more and more competitive and constantly changing region of the European Union, efficient farming can nowadays be ensured only by professional and innovatory farmers, equipped with contemporary agricultural mehanisation. Therefore, the company, with its sales programme, concentrates on offering agricultural mehanisation machinery, which provides our customers with attractive solutions in performing the agricultural activity.

The sales programme includes only the most quality and technically, as well as stylistically perfect and user-friendly machinery. The purpose of the programme is to concentrate on all the main areas of a contemporary farmer, and it includes the following: tractor trailers, machinery for the preparation and cultivation of soil, machinery for fodder gathering and tractor loaders. Machinery is suitable for all the farmers, as well as for all the companies and cooperatives who are engaged in agricultural activity. Tractor trailers, which represent only one part of the programme, are suitable for the construction companies as well.

Our goal in Eurotrade company is to develop the so-called business culture, which is based on team work and on achieving the designated objectives. Knowledge, experiences and innovations of our employees represent our biggest treasures. If you are of the opinion, that you or your company too could successfully contribute to making our company vision come true, then you are kindly invited to introduce yourself to us.

Basic data on Euro Globtrade company

Name: Euro Globtrade Ltd.
Address: Voklo 49, SI - 4208 Šenčur
Identification number for VAT: SI66080533
Registration number: 5514762

Percho, 2007